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When and Where
  • 10/21/2024 8:30 AM CDT
  • 10/24/2024 12:00 PM CDT
  • Online

CORE 1 - Value co-discovery and strategic account planning

Recommended Audience: SAM/KAM/GAM, SAM Program Leaders, SAM Managers

Level of proficiency: Foundational / Intermediate

Certification eligibility: Required course of the CSAM Program

Presented by: Performance Methods Inc. (PMI)

How can effective co-discovery between you, your account team and your customer put your account planning efforts on an accelerated trajectory to be successful? How do top performing account managers harness the power of value creation, internal and external alignment and authentic customer relationships to drive greater collaboration and develop higher-impact account plans? How can you equip yourself with proven strategic account management (SAM) best practices to drive mutual growth and value creation with your most strategic customers? How can you implement an account planning process that will enable you and your customer to engage, win and grow together? These questions and more will be answered in this high-energy workshop in which participants “try-on” contemporary SAM concepts and best practices proven within the SAMA community. Participants will select a strategic customer and “must-win” opportunity as part of their pre-work before the session, and then apply workshop learnings to this customer and opportunity, ensuring takeaways that can be put to use immediately. Whether your organization has adopted a specific account plan format or not, workshop exercises, group discussions and debriefs will provide takeaways in the form of SAM concepts, skills, tools and best practices that can be applied to the specific challenges facing you and your team today.