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When and Where
  • 7/18/2024 8:30 AM CDT
  • 7/18/2024 4:30 PM CDT
  • Chicago
  • Chicago
  • IL

E5 - Strategic negotiation: Changing the conversation from price to solutions

Recommended Audience: SAM/KAM/GAM, SAM Program Leaders, SAM Managers, Cross-functional team members

Level of proficiency: Foundational / Intermediate

Certification eligibility: Yes

Presented by: Think! Inc

The strategic account manager is uniquely positioned to undertake negotiations that will result in not just a good deal but a great deal. In this session you will bring an account negotiation with you and learn how to diagnose the underlying structure or "blueprint" of a negotiation so you can consistently start turning in great deals. This course shows strategic account managers how to use their relationships, access to information, teams and analytical abilities to forge blockbuster deals with customers. Course Requirements: Bring an account negotiation with you that we will work on and apply concepts to during the session.